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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone. We have some new things to keep an eye on coming up over the next few mont…

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New writeup! Alfred

A new writeup has been release for TryHackMe's machine "Alfred". Click here to view!

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TryHackMe - Kenobi

Good evening everyone! Here's another writeup brought to you by EnkOde! This time, it's for the …

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TryHackMe - Blue


Hey folks! Just checking in to let you know that a new write-up has been posted. This writ…

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New Scripts Added


A few new scripts have been added to my github.

1. PMKID Attack - This script automates attac…

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O.MG Cable Review and FAQ


O.MG Cable

I've recently purchased the O.MG cable from Hak5, and I must say that i'm qu…

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Site under construction

Working full time, it's hard to find the time to create something new from scratch. But alas, I'm sp…

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Crack and detect weak passwords in Active Directory on-the-fly

Please note, this article is not my own. I have placed the article in its entirety here because I fo…

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Passwords... A necessary evil!

12345… You feel safe knowing that you have a password set to protect your documents. A week later, y…

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Back to school!

Hello everyone! As summer draws to a close, kids are returning to school. There are a lot of schools…

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Happy Independence Day!

I would just like to take a moment to thank all the men and women who fight, or have fought for the …

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eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester course

Hello everyone,

I will soon be registering for the Certified Professional Penetration Tester cour…

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H4CK3D! A Brief Overview of Modern Cyber Crimes


Hacked! A Brief Overview of Modern Cyber Crimes

Kyle "ScZi" Gonzalez


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Hackers: Scourge of the Internet, or Information Superhero? -Kyle "ScZi" Gonzalez

Hackers: Scourge of the Internet, or Information Superhero?

Kyle Gonzalez




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Cyber Attacks: Who's The Target?

Cyber-attacks are becoming much more prevalent against small businesses. What is the reason for this…

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eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Student Quick Review

So I finally decided to take one of the eLearn Security courses, and decided to start with the Penet…

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ENDE LLC: Formerly known as R3dLabz

Welcome to ENDE LLC! This is a blog dedicated to penetration testing news, attacks and methodologies…

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