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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone. We have some new things to keep an eye on coming up over the next few months

  • New writeups
  • Active directory lab creation tutorials
  • Cheatsheets
  • New scripts
  • And more!

My schedule is a little hectic and I have very little time in between engagements. However …

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New writeup! Alfred

A new writeup has been release for TryHackMe's machine "Alfred". Click here to view!

TryHackMe - Kenobi

Good evening everyone! Here's another writeup brought to you by EnkOde! This time, it's for the TryHackMe room Kenobi. Remember, when reading these write ups, screenshots are not included. However, at the bottom of each writeup is a link to a pdf with the full details (including screenshots). To…

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TryHackMe - Blue


Hey folks! Just checking in to let you know that a new write-up has been posted. This write-up is for the machine "Blue" on At the end of the writeup is a link to a pdf that has all the screenshots associated with the write up itself. Go check it out by clicking here!

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New Scripts Added


A few new scripts have been added to my github.

1. PMKID Attack - This script automates attacks against PMKID on WiFi. You may modify the script to fit your specific situation. The first line in the script describes various dependencies in order for the script to fully execute. Please ensure …

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O.MG Cable Review and FAQ


O.MG Cable

I've recently purchased the O.MG cable from Hak5, and I must say that i'm quite impressed. Click the link below to read more

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O.MG! Never trust a phone charger again


Hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience with getting this cable set up and running. First, I just want to say i'm extremely disappointed that Hak5 released this device without proper documentation or support. Absolutely nothing on

I digress. I am going to share my experie…

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Site under construction

Working full time, it's hard to find the time to create something new from scratch. But alas, I'm spending many sleepless nights coming up with content that'll be useful to both new pentesters and the experienced alike. This website will include blog posts, cheat sheets, tools, certifications and mo…

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Crack and detect weak passwords in Active Directory on-the-fly

Please note, this article is not my own. I have placed the article in its entirety here because I found it to be interesting and informative for all SYSADMINS. You can find the original article at

Crack and detect weak passwords in Active Directory on-th…

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Passwords... A necessary evil!

12345… You feel safe knowing that you have a password set to protect your documents. A week later, you log into your machine only to find that something is a little off. All of your photos and documents are gone. You haven’t been on your computer since your password change. So what happened?

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